Technology Research

Innovative solutions with extensive research experience With both industry and UX/UI research experience, our team brings a broad range of tools to meet our clients' needs in almost any industry. We pioneered AR development in Hungary and our market-leading solutions are still used in our VR products.


IT is a highly dynamic and fast-changing field. Technology researchers need to keep up with new developments to remain competitive. This is particularly true in the field of AR and VR.

This is why we often take a multidisciplinary approach, so our IT research often involves other disciplines such as mathematics, physics, engineering and data science.

To conduct technology research, we therefore need to have a broad knowledge base and maintain cross-industry collaborations to be able to integrate these disciplines into our IT research.

In IT, our research often aims to innovate and innovate. We seek solutions that open up new possibilities for the design and operation of IT systems. In Hungary, we were the first to release our proprietary VR and AR development based on our own printed plastic frame.

This was AZAUM Roman Camp, which we created more than ten years ago.

IT research often needs to focus on practical applications. As well as developing new technologies and methods, technology researchers need to ensure that their findings help solve real-world problems.

An example of this is our product family based on Appentum HoloVerzum XR technologies, including in particular our HoloSim platform for industry.

HoloSim is ideal for solving modern challenges in process management, training and maintenance. In HoloSim, we have integrated our own patented freehand technology modules into our platform with real-time editing and deployment, and we continuously use the knowledge, experience and feedback of our partners to guide further development.

IT research is also increasingly focused on data analysis and management. Research in data science and artificial intelligence is a key driver of IT development. A good example is our upcoming Báthory project.

Of course, all research must also strive for security and data protection by creating reliable and secure IT systems and applications.