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How we work

Our consultancy, prototyping, development and operational services build on each other, but can also be provided independently. We can help you if you are stuck with a specific problem, but we are also the right partner for you if you are looking for a solution from initial design to operations.

Our strategic partner

Swiss Tomato

Swiss Tomato is a leading digital agency based in Switzerland, present in Geneva, Zurich and Hungary. To serve its fast-growing client needs, Swiss Tomato wanted to establish its development base in Hungary, therefore it formed a strategic alliance with Appentum in 2016. Using the combined team of Swiss Tomato's senior account managers, designers and web developers and Appentum's mobile developers, Swiss Tomato has established itself as an award-winning agency serving Swiss start-ups, established companies and the non-profit sector.

Frequently asked questions

Since 2011, Appentum Kft. has been a key player in the domestic XR and mobile application development sector, with over 40 employees, a constantly expanding team and more than 300 references in the field. We also hold our own R&D certification and have ongoing research activities. As a close professional associate of the Széchenyi István University in Győr, we are also a credit acquisition centre for a 3-semester course. We are a regular contributor to dissertation topics and state exams.

At Appentum, we develop native mobile applications and applications using augmented reality (XR) and virtual reality (VR).

Native mobile app development is the process of designing and building a mobile app to run in the native language and environment of the desired platform (such as iOS or Android).

This guarantees that the app takes full advantage of the device's operating system and hardware, delivering apps that are faster, more robust and better tailored to the user experience of the device. Appentum builds native mobile apps.

We can deliver a wide variety of native mobile apps, which are often based on proven framework concepts and then tailored to a specific brand, product or service. Such applications can be loyalty apps, campaign apps, promotional apps, event apps and mobile apps. In addition, our firm has a wide range of references in the field of mobile integrations for virtual reality and augmented reality.

Appentum's products are used in a variety of industries on a daily basis, be it for events, campaigning or any other objectives.

Our solutions for the automobile industry help car manufacturers and automotive service providers to work more efficiently and provide a better customer experience.

In the agriculture sector, we help farmers optimise production and make agricultural processes more efficient.

In education, we help teachers and students improve interactive learning experiences and educational processes with our apps.

We support local municipalities with tools for more efficient urban administration and a more active involvement of citizens in public life.

In telecommunications, we support businesses with solutions for more effective communication and client management.

In the field of insurance, we are enhancing the relationship between insurers and their customers and improve the process of administration.

Our lifestyle and wellbeing apps help people to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In the area of Industry 4.0, we support companies in digitalisation and automation with advanced technologies such as applications using VR and XR.

We help event organisers run their events more smoothly and create a better user experience for participants with tailor-made solutions.

In the area of press and the media, our applications help information collection, distribution and more effective content management.

In the gaming industry, we develop applications that create a fun and entertaining gaming experience for users.

In healthcare, pharma and medical devices, our solutions support doctors and patients with medical treatments and diagnostics.

Our apps for public transport, traffic, parking and shipping enable people to get around more quickly and smoothly.

Our apps for museums, exhibitions and fairs offer visitors a more enriched and more interactive experience.

Our solutions for the hospitality and foodservice industry help restaurants and catering businesses to go online and serve their customers better.

In architecture and real estate, we support architects, contractors and residents to plan and execute construction, sales and renovation projects more efficiently with our complete real estate management solutions.

Our applications in the luxury goods sector, such as watches and jewelry, support the digital presence and sales of luxury brands and stores.

Augmented reality, as opposed to virtual reality, does not create a completely artificial environment, but rather superimposes a computer-generated layer of information on the real space or on a single object in it, i.e.: it extends the reality we perceive with visual or audio content that exists in the virtual space. This manifests itself as extra content on mobile devices.

Virtual Reality (VR) is an artificial world generated by a computer environment which does not exist in reality, in which the user tries to immerse themselves as much as possible, i.e. to experience what is happening in virtual space. Many virtual reality worlds are lifelike reproductions of alternative environments.

After contacting us, we will have a personal consultation to get to know the details of the planned project and to assess the exact customer requirements. We then prepare a comprehensive estimate, which leads to a personalised quotation.