Augmented Reality (AR, MR)

The real world and another Augmented reality is the process of superimposing a computer-generated information layer on a real space or an object in it, i.e.: extending the reality we perceive with visual or audio content that exists in virtual space. This takes the form of extra content on mobile devices. Appentum has decades of experience in the domestic market and is a market leader with its Augmented Reality (AR) solutions.


Since then, we have spent more than a decade learning about the AR technologies available in the world, so that today our projects are limited only by our clients and our own imagination. Our AR work uses computer systems and tools that blend the real world with virtual elements or information in real time. We first develop and then present our ideas for a given theme, and finally we build the entire development process around visuals and richness of experience.

AR is an exciting area of IT and technology development, which is now emerging in many industries and in our everyday lives. Applications and developments using augmented reality continue to grow and offer new ways to personalise experiences and solve problems. The technology is already present in the following areas:

Smartphones and tablets

Applications using AR have become popular with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. AR, for example, allows users to display virtual objects or information through the camera image, as we have seen with the Pokemon GO game.

Entertainment and marketing

Augmented Reality applications can be used for entertainment and marketing purposes.

They are nowadays mainly used in interactive advertising, AR-based games and to enhance the online shopping experience.

Health and education

AR can help in medical diagnosis and surgery planning, and can also be used in education to create immersive learning experiences, for example in training doctors.

Industrial and workplace use AR also has significant potential in industry and other workplace environments. For example, it can be used to facilitate maintenance work, where a technician wearing AR glasses can get real-time information and guidance on how to repair a machine, or to organise an immersive fire safety training.

Military and simulation applications

In the military, augmented reality is helping to train soldiers and improve field operations. In addition, flight simulators also use AR for more realistic experiences.

Tourism and travel

AR can be used to provide tourists with interactive guided tours and display additional information about attractions on the camera image.

Autonomous vehicles and navigation

Augmented Reality enables autonomous vehicles to accurately detect and react to objects in their environment, making self-driving transport safer.Appentum is a market leader in the domestic market with its Augmented Reality (AR) solutions. We are masters of 3D design, real-time position recognition and registration, sensor data processing and variable interactions.

Our solutions also work great in virtual reality (VR), allowing users to become active participants in the virtual worlds we design, not just observers.

Our work has won international awards such as the 2018 Cannes Best Development III. and the Best of Swiss Web in Mobile Category 2017.

Our colleagues have highly qualified, diverse expertise, which they regularly enrich with new skills and knowledge. Thanks to the work of our pioneering team, we are always one step ahead of our competitors.