Smart City Platform

iOS, Android
Urban development, Communication, Politics, Smart City
From events to local media, from questionnaires to news and digital city maps, our Smart City platform offers a wealth of opportunities for municipal leaders who are passionate about modernisation.

Cities around the world are already adapting to current trends and using modern technologies to improve the quality of life of their residents. One such innovation is the introduction of smart city apps that provide a wide range of services and information to enhance the convenience of city dwellers. Let's take a look at the benefits of a smart city app and how it can change the way we interact with our urban environment!

Easier and faster access to local services and information

A smart city app is a central hub for accessing information about local services. Whether you need access to nurseries, social services, art centres or galleries, the app provides a convenient way to easily access this information. It also offers information on buildings, industrial monuments, churches, spas, art galleries, outdoor sports facilities, culture, playgrounds, parks, dog runs and much more. GPS-enabled photo bug reporting, parking and cafeteria management round out the municipal services available in our app, which we will expand upon request.

Quick and easy access to local media

Keeping up to date with local news and events is key to staying informed and engaged in your local community. A smart city app integrates different local media channels, such as the city newspaper, local radio, television, the official YouTube channel, the city website and other local publications. Users can easily access these media products through the app to stay up-to-date with the latest news, announcements and events in their city.

Seamless communication with municipal authorities

The smart city app facilitates seamless communication between residents and municipal authorities. It provides contact details for politicians, from the mayor's social media pages to municipal district representatives. Users can find the office hours and contact details of localrepresentatives of the municipal council. This direct communication line ensures that residents can easily voice their concerns, ask for help and contact their local government.

Participation in community consultations

The smart city app allows the use of questionnaires and surveys to help residents participate in consultations on community issues. By sharing their opinions and feedback, residents can actively contribute to decision-making processes and help shape the future of their city. This participatory approach fosters a sense of community engagement and empowers residents to become active participants in their urban environment.

Enhancing the tourist experience

For tourists and locals alike, the smart city app can enhance the tourist experience by providing detailed descriptions and information on local attractions. Users can use a smart pad, scan QR codes or access a smart map to learn more about the history, importance and features of different attractions.

Exclusive discounts and offers from local businesses

The smart city app can also provide residents with exclusive discounts and offers from local businesses. By offering digital city cards or coupons that can be redeemed at participating businesses, the app encourages residents to support local businesses and promotes economic growth within the community. Not only does this feature benefit residents, it also strengthens the local economy and fosters a sense of pride and loyalty to local merchants.