Lincoln car configurator

Virtual Reality
Car industry
Digital showroom for all Lincoln car models.

We created a multi-platform application for our Kuwaiti client to help sell the Lincoln luxury car brand. As we digitally recreated all the models, colours and extras of the cars, we could easily place them in a virtual environment and then showcase them on different platforms.

We set up two showrooms for the cars, a modern-style villa garden and a more enclosed space where we could show the cars in a darker environment. These environments are flexible and can be changed in the future, so each car can be placed in its own unique environment - only your imagination can create it. Potential customers were able to configure their dream Lincoln car using a variety of tools.

Touch screen: customers could view the full range and personalise their car in a way that would have been physically impossible in a real showroom. With all colours and variants on display, customers could instantly compare different models, even if a particular trim or variant was not physically available. The touchscreen app was also used in shopping mallsto attract people's attention without having to rent an extra large venue or physically transport all the cars there.

iPad: the iPad was mainly used in situations where even less space was available. Perfect for demonstrations at exhibitions or social gatherings, or for face-to-face sales situations with customers. The iPad also includes an AR view, where visitors can see the car of their choice in a real environment, for example in front of their garage or on the street. They could choose between exterior and interior views, while perceiving the real dimensions of the car in the real environment - almost as if they had already bought it.

VR headset. Not only could customers personalise the car, they could also freely view it from every possible angle, giving them a detailed, three-dimensional view of the exterior and interior of their chosen car. All three platforms were built in a similar way, with as few compromises in quality as possible, so that the device itself did not affect the overall experience. However, each channel has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the objectives and options for each brand need to be considered individually.