August 23, 2023

Who does HoloSim help?

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Brigitta Földi
Holo expert

The HoloSim platform, as a unique tool for using augmented reality, helps all actors involved in the success of production. Without being comprehensive, let's take a look at how HoloSim can make life easier for everyone.

For technicians

Workflow insights from the most experienced technicians are incorporated into day-to-dayoperations. These can later be used as comments to support the real process or as virtual assistants to support efficient operations.

For trainers

We provide an effective and tangible transfer of skills and knowledge to ramp up the product and train the workforce. We support you with a faster, longer-lasting learning process over time.

For operators

Workers learn step-by-step instructions, acquire new job skills. Starting production with well-trained operators with lower scrap and cycle times not only ensures on-time delivery of the finished product, but also brings a significant financial return.

For engineers

Before any investment is made, they can contribute to the product's producibility by virtually building the production, thus achieving design change to ensure mass production success. We give you a tool for any optimisation or redesign.

For managers

As early as the first response to a request for quotation, you can send your customer additional information that gives them a competitive advantage. Show right away how you will produce what the customer has only as a design.

For maintenance

There may be rare defects that you have never encountered before. We will present you with possible solutions so that you can act immediately to ensure production continues as soon as possible.

Quality for engineers

Draw the attention of your colleagues by all means to the errors that cause the most problems on the customer side. Ensure by any means that they achieve the objectives set, to the satisfaction of the customer.