June 12, 2023

Supporting the design phase in the automotive industry with HoloSim

Author photo
Brigitta Földi
Holo expert

Our client decided to choose the HoloSim product family for the launch of their new product.

He did so for a product where he was not sure he would be the manufacturer, but he knew that if he was successful in the race, the factory would gain years of significant, predictable production.

The first of the HoloSim product family to focus on design phase support was our Process Development in VR solution. The product itself consists of 100+ components, with a total process time of 20+ minutes. We built this process in augmented reality. And we didn't just build it: we continuously shaped it as the designs changed.

All the while, the process we built in virtual reality showed how "assemblable" the product was. It gave us the opportunity to show the design team if any changes were causing difficulties in production - and even to present our partner's suggestions for making assembly easier.

Making the assembly process visible with HoloSim also helped with pricing, we looked at breaking the process down into workstations to balance cycle times, focusing on reducing waste times.

Meanwhile, our HoloSim for XR Industrial Training module provided 40+ workflows with educational media content to prepare for training trial production runs. These workflows can also help to train mass production operators later on.

Our partner has been selected to produce the product, which gives us great pride!