August 30, 2023

HoloSim in the product lifecycle

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Brigitta Földi
Holo expert

There are many areas for Industry 4.0, but there is one area that has yet to be exploited is still to come - but it will be an essential tool for Industry 5.0. This is the area of the use of augmented reality, which will save a lot of resources. HoloSim will help us do this.

The HoloSim platform is capable of using the best available hardware to to deliver the best service to our customers.
Using our own patented handtracking, the available editor interface, the ability to publish instantly provide the basis to make the product benefit from augmented reality at every stage of the product lifecycle.

This can not only translate into significant cost savings at the beginning, but also in the acquisition of customers and increased security of production.

A brief summary of the challenges we face in the product lifecycle and the HoloSim's support: